87 PIA pilots and crew members admit to having fake degrees and the Pakistani Supreme Court forbids PIA from proceeding with their rebranding and new Markhor-livery

Earlier this year, Pakistan International Airlines announced a full rebranding of the airline including a new livery, through a Facebook video that went viral due to its peculiarity. The new livery (featuring Pakistan’s national animal, the Markhor) was displayed on an aircraft the airline does not actually own or have future plans, or possibly even the funds required to purchase – the superjumbo Airbus A380.

A month later, the Pakistan Supreme court barred PIA from applying the new livery to its fleet after Judge Mian Saqib Nisar, was informed that the total cost for the repainting of a single aircraft would cost nearly 38,000 GBP. Paired with the airline’s extortionate consecutive losses during the past decade, a decision to temporarily suspend the airline’s rebranding came into action.

Judge Nisar then asked the CEO and President of PIA, Musharraf Rasool Cyan, “Do you know what time I reached Islamabad yesterday? Why was my flight arrived one-and-a-half hours late?” He was told that his PIA flight was delayed due to a technical fault.

PIA’s Airbus A310 seen arriving at Leeds back in March 2011
© Roger Oldfield

In related news, this morning, Pakistan International Airlines was again brought into court over an alleged “counterfeit educational degrees held by employees” case. PIA told the Supreme Court that it had 498 pilots and 1864 crew members currently working for the airline, and that “at least 14 pilots and 73 crew members had fake degrees”. During the hearing, the Judge expressed that the Supreme Court had issued notices to PIA regarding fake degrees earlier this year, but the national airline had not taken any action. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have temporarily grounded the 14 pilots and 73 crew members from flying.

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